Birth Doula Services ~ $550 - $750

Basic Doula Service $550:

➺Two prenatal appointments, which include:
  • Getting to know you 
  • Reviewing or writing your birth preferences
  • Discussing comfort measures and labor positions
  • Discussing concerns or worries 
  • Learning pain management techniques
  • Learning what a Rebozo is and how to use it as labor support
➺Email, text, and phone support from the time I am hired until one month postpartum.
➺Your own Rebozo to be used during your labor for support and comfort.
➺Physical, emotional and spiritual support from early active labor or when you call me, until a couple hours after birth when you and baby are feeling settled.
➺Two postpartum appointments.

Basic Doula Plus $750: Everything in the Basic Doula package as well as 6 Child Birth Education classes.

Child Birth Education Classes (6 weeks) $250: 6 child birth education classes either in your home or mine, once a week for 6 weeks.

  • Class #1 - Your Mind Is A Powerful Thing
  • Class #2 - Your Body Is Amazing
  • Class #3 - Preferences And Choices
  • Class #4 - Labor, What's Happening To My Body
  • Class #5 - Birthing Baby And Placenta
  • Class #6 - Postpartum: Recovery, Recouping, Relaxing

Cuarentena (40 Days Postpartum Care) $500: You will be visited once a week for five weeks. Each weekly visit will include:

  • Herbal Bath
  • Belly, Hand and Foot Rub
  • Rebozo Binding (Closing of the Bones)
  • Postpartum Tea and Chat
  • One Postpartum Healing Meal

Al la Cart Add On's:
  • One hour extra prenatal or postpartum visit - $60 
  • Henna (click here to view my gallery):
    • $20 for Arm/Hand/Foot
    • $35 for a Belly
    • $75 for a party, which includes one Mama Henna (Feet/Hands or Belly) and small hand/foot henna's for your guests 
  • Mother's Blessing/Baby Shower - $150
  •  Bengkung or Rebozo Belly Binding (bind included):
    • $75 = 1 in-home teaching visit / 
    • $100 = 3 in-home visits (1 teaching/2 rewraps)
  • Custom Salt Soak - $15
  • Sitz Bath blend - $20
  • Custom Message Oil - $10
  • Freezer Meals - $30 per meal

*Please note: I am happy to work out a payment plan with you, or to barter for services. If you want a Doula at your birth, I want to help you make that happen!

Click here to learn more about how a Rebozo is used to support a laboring mom.